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Insured's commitments  
A. General Procedure  
1. Application for aid:
In emergency cases the insured is required to contact the nearest 24-hours-a-day aid center of Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.), prior to any personal initiative, to provide them with the following:

1 - 1 - Full name of the insured, number and validity period of concerned policy.
1 – 2 – Insured’s address of residence in the Islamic Republic of Iran along with his/her phone or mobile number.
1 – 3 – Brief description of the accident or diseases and the type of the needed assistance.

2. Timely contact with Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.):
a. Notifications of claims: Claims shall be notified not later than 72 hours after the beginning of hospitalization or medical consultations. The claims that are notified after the lapse of the above-mentioned time-limit shall be null and void.
b. The cases encountered with fatal conditions: Notwithstanding the above article and the content of this contract, should the insured or his/her agent be encountered with fatal conditions, arrangements must be made for their immediate transfer to the nearest hospital followed by reporting the case to Bimeh Iran at the earliest possible opportunity. In such cases notification to Bimeh Iran shall not exceed 48 hours after the emergence of the fatal disease or occurrence of the accident. Failure to comply with this instruction may authorize Bimeh Iran to claim the costs incurred for such delay by the insured.
B. General Conditions  
1. Restriction: Upon the occurrence of loss, the insured shall take all required measures to limit or stop the further expansion of its effects and repercussions.
2. Recovery: In appropriate cases, the insured shall furnish Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) with all the documents and proceedings in order to enable the latter to recover the losses from the relevant sources.

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