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General Exclusions  
A. The services subject to this contract shall be extended only to visitors whose sojourn in the Islamic Republic of Iran lasts less than 92 consecutive days.
B. The insuredís commitments do not cover the medical costs borne, directly or indirectly, by the insured without prior notification and consent of Bimeh Iran (subject of Insured's Commitments).
C. Other Exclusions: The commitments of the insurer subject to this contract are also excluded from the cases as follows:
1. Conditions caused by traveling for energy therapy.  
2. Side-effects of the treatments undergone in the insuredís country of residence.  
3. Side-effects of preventive measures and vaccinations.  
4. Side-effects of physiotherapy, sun therapy, cosmetic and mineral therapy.  
5. Effects of existing diseases, resurgence of chronic diseases or perpetuation of conditions for which the insured consciously receive treatments. Convalescence is regarded as part of the illness period.  
6. Conditions caused by war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, civil war, rebellion, alien adversary actions, hostile operations (with or without a declared war), insurgency and terrorist operations.  
7. Conditions caused by deliberate self-inflicted injuries or participation in criminal acts.  
8. Conditions caused by the insuredís participation in professional betting, horse racing, cycling and any other sort of motoring competitions or shows.  
9. Conditions caused by participation of the insured to a fight, except in case of self-defense.  
10. Conditions caused by the insuredís participation in professional athletic exercise or in order to train or take part in official competition or exhibition.  
11. Conditions caused by the radioactive material disintegration or contamination caused by nuclear fuel or radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties or conditions created, directly or indirectly by any explosive nuclear installation or nuclear phenomena.  
12. Conditions arising out of any chronic or prolonged disease or illness of which the insured is aware or which was being treated prior to the commencement of the insurance coverage instigating the insured or his/her representatives applying for aid from Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.).  
13. Conditions caused by pregnancy within three months of the expected date of delivery or upon voluntary abortion.  
14. Conditions caused by psychological illness or mental derangement.  
15. Conditions caused by total or partial effects of alcoholic beverages, psychotropic and narcotic drugs consumption, other than drugs being prescribed and consumed with treatment directed by a qualified registered physician.  
16. Conditions caused by death, bodily injuries or disease due to suicide or attempt of same.  
17. Conditions caused by the insuredís participation in professional rallies and competitions, official or organized sports and contests, mountaineering (requiring ropes and guides), cave exploration, scuba diving, winter sports, aeronautics or any form of aerial flight, excluding the cases when the insured flies as a fare paying passenger of an authorized and licensed airline, owned and operated by a commercial company.  
18. Accidents caused by hard and hazardous labor, such as construction works.  
19. Congenital and related diseases and disorders.  

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