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Iran Travel Insurance Policy  
General Terms & Conditions  
1. Insured : All foreign nationals visiting the Islamic Republic of Iran, individually or collectively, pilgrimage or other purposes.
Note: The services covered by this policy shall be extended to the insured, individually or collectively, subject to compatibility of the recorded personal details in the policy with those registered in his/her passport.
Bodily injuries : The injuries caused by spontaneous, sudden, external and visible factors except illnesses, after the insuredís arrival in Iran instigating his/her own or his/her agentís application for aid or assistance.
Disease : Sudden and unpredictable conditions being contracted, started and originated after the insuredís arrival in Iran, causing his/her own or his/her agentís application for aid or assistance.
Loss : Any incident leading to supply of the services subject to this policy.
Dependents : Insuredís father, mother, children, wife, brothers and sisters.
Serious Medical Cause : Bodily injury or disease jeopardizing the insuredís good health
Euro: The current monetary unit of the European Union.
Franchise: The portion of medical expenses borne directly by the insured
Scope of Coverage  

The benefits stipulated in benefits section apply throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Duration of Coverage  
The services specified in this contract shall continue solely in Iran for a maximum duration of 92 consecutive days.
Statute of Limitation  
The claims pertaining to this coverage shall be subject to the statute of limitations two years after the date of the due incidents causing such claims.
Bimeh Iran (Iran Insurance Co.) shall subrogate the insured for his/her claims against anyone being liable for the incidents leading to the losses mentioned in the benefits lists, up to the amount of the borne expenses or the paid indemnities.
Should all or part of the services rendered by Bimeh Iran be covered by a separate scheme, this company shall be subrogated to the rights and causes of action of the insured against said schemes.

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